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This is a video of a presentation that I gave at the AICAD (American Institutes and Colleges of Art and Design) New Paradigms conference at MICA in 2013. The topic was large scale curricular change. This is a topic I am well acquainted with having been a part of the team that helped to facilitate an evolution of the Parsons curriculum.

To watch the video, look in the playlist for “AICAD 2013 Day 2 PM Presentations”

Presentation Description:
What does it mean to rethink the curriculum of an entire institution? This year Parsons has launched a new curriculum that takes the 117-year-old institution into the 21st century. This talk opens a window onto that process and the way that it re-envisions the relationship between the numerous programs and disciplines that represent an art and design school. How do we begin to see a school not as a series of independent charts with courses and credits, but as a dynamic constellation of choices that link students across disciplines, and in the case of Parsons, across the boundaries of a University?

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