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Colony (2022)

COLONY is an immersive sound installation that probes the complex relationship between bees and humans and seeks to challenge the dominant bee-metaphors used for millennia to prop up religious and capitalist ideals, for example, of industry, purity and chastity.

The Airborne Library – Teton Arts Lab (2022)

I am one of five artists selected for the Uncommon Art Residency in Jackson Wyoming. I will be working with local artists to enact a series of sound interventions that explore Charles Babbage's notion that sounds, once uttered, circle the globe for eternity.

Zion – Artist in Residence (2022)

I am one of three individuals selected to be an artist in residence at the Zion National Park in 2022. I will be in living in the park for the month of February recording, interviewing and seeing where the location takes me. I am the first sound artist to be selected for the program which has existed since 2010.

The Sound of Where We Are (2021)

Sound is intimately tied to our surroundings: wave energy bounces off surfaces, rooms have their own resonance, and our voices respond to the spaces they inhabit. What does it mean then to teach a class about spatial sound phenomena in an online environment? Particularly a class that ends with a site-based sound installation?

ArtEcho (2021)

A commissioned prototype for Cooper Hewitt Interaction Lab's Activating Smithsonian Access. ArtEcho explores a selection of the museum's artifacts through sound.

Green screen & other exercises

This ongoing series of experiments on a green screen work surface combine sound improvisation with post processed video images.  These sketches are a chance to "limber up" to let ideas happen and then to contextualize them visually after the fact.
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