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Colony (2022)

COLONY is an immersive sound installation that probes the complex relationship between bees and humans.…

The Sound of Where We Are (2021)

Sound is intimately tied to our surroundings: wave energy bounces off surfaces, rooms have their own resonance, and our voices respond to the spaces they inhabit. What does it mean then to teach a class about spatial sound phenomena in an online environment? Particularly a class that ends with a site-based sound installation?

ArtEcho (2021)

A commissioned prototype for Cooper Hewitt Interaction Lab's Activating Smithsonian Access. ArtEcho explores a selection of the museum's artifacts through sound.

Green screen & other exercises

This ongoing series of experiments on a green screen work surface combine sound improvisation with post processed video images.  These sketches are a chance to "limber up" to let ideas happen and then to contextualize them visually after the fact.
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