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I was invited to speak as part of a day long panel for full time faculty called What Is Peer Review. I contributed as a group that discussed”case studies” that highlighted the notion of “Scholarship of teaching.” I chose to discuss my work as the Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Education and my role in helping to facilitate the roll out of a large scale curricular evolution at Parsons.

My talk begins at 15:15

Here’s a description of the event:
Designed for full time faculty across categories and focusing on practice-based learning, this event aims to raise awareness of the range of options for peer review and dissemination of RSCP across a faculty member’s career trajectory at Parsons and The New School.  Panels will include moderators and formats will be conversational or include brief informative “espresso presentations” that identify distinctions and overlaps among Traditional, Practice-based, Juried/Curated, and Online modes of peer review.

Also included is a session dedicated to a better communal understanding of the Scholarship of Teaching that will offer case examples and in-process pursuits that reflect how this category of RSCP in the New School Faculty Handbook might apply at Parsons and The New School.

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