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Student projects from Two Dimensional Integrated Studio - Parsons Spring 2013

In teaching this Freshman course, which used a variety of media to explore two dimensional design, I created a series of projects that explored the human senses. This exercise asked students to create visual “scores” that could be converted into sound.

They worked within the parameters of the program metasynth to create their drawings.

  • The drawing is temporal, moving left to right along the X axis
  • The pitch of a sound is higher when the marks appear further up on the Y axis.
  • The brighter a color the louder it becomes.
  • Hue determines the panning of a sound. Red is in the right channel. Green is in the left channel. Yellow is in the center. Working within that spectrum will denote the placement of a sound in the stereo field.

The resulting drawings, some digital, some hand drawn, were fed into metasynth and played for the class.

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