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The Painlevé Exercises

This was a pandemic activity. When brain-activity is challenged, let the images suggest the sounds.

Earth’s Centre by Sterling Basement (2020)


Earth's Centre by Sterling Basement Created for Project Inferno - Cities and memory Audio Collage…

You’re gonna be ready to burn it as soon as you tape it (2020)


You’re gonna be ready to burn it as soon as you tape it Created for…

Frozen Words at Local Project Art Space (2020)


Local Project Art Space Jan 16 - Feb 1 2020 11-27 44th Road Long Island…

Warp and Weft / Warf + Wept – with Sandra Lapage (2019)


Ground Floor Gallery + NARS Brooklyn, NY Warp and Weft / Warf + Wept was…

The Vein Flows below (2018)


The Vein Flows Below was created primarily from recordings captured at the Marble House Project…

Pushing Buttons (2018)


Pushing Buttons UrbanGlass Brooklyn, NY Curated by Benjamin Wright The installation Seven Frozen Words was…

Symbiotext – with John Burns (2018)


Created as part of The Ligo Project, the Art of Science A collaboration with John…

2009 Squeak, tick-tick, crash! Storm Cow

Just added from the archives! a 2009 kids workshop in which we worked together to recreate the sounds of a storm.

Frozen Words Hot Air (2017)


Performance: Frozen Words Hot Air UrbanGlass Brooklyn, NY 09/08/2017 In 2017 the work Frozen Words…

Stone Cold Groove (2017)


Residency Installation Marble House Project Dorset, VT “Stone+Cold+Groove” was a series of related works created…

The Internal Machine – Curated by John Roach (2017)


Exhibition: The Internal Machine Curated by John Roach The Center for Book Arts New York, NY…

Ocean Imaginaries – with Emma Critchley (2017)


Exhibition: Ocean Imaginaries RMIT Gallery - May 05 2017 - July 01 2017 RMIT Exhibition page…

Gene Splicing (2016)


Exhibition: 9e2 - (9 Evenings 2) Kings Street Station Seattle, WA Gene Splicing was developed for…

I am a Radio (2016)


This is a work created for the online sound journal EARLID that hosts a curated…

Odd Volumes, Yale University Art Gallery (2014)


Odd Volumes Yale University Art Gallery My work entitled Pageturner from 1997 was included in…

Pearl Flask (2016)


Exhibition: Whereabouts Het GlazenHuis Lommel, Belgium Pearl Flask was initially developed  for a larger installation called Instrument…

GlazenHuis – The Tactile Transducers (2016)


Het GlazenHuis Lommel, Belgium When I was invited to participate in the exhibition Whereabouts…

Passage – a Collaboration with Emma Critchley (2015)


Passage, is a 10 minute continuously looped video by Emma Critchley with a live underwater…

NARS Residency (2015)


NARS: New York Artist Residency and Studio Foundation Sunset Park, Brooklyn. NY The NARS International…

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Conversation at 2 west 13th Street (2014)

Conversation at 2 West 13th Street is an extension of a sound showcase hosted by…

Work from the archives

1000 Free Hours – 1999

Performance documentation. A stack of junk mail CDs promoting Internet Service Providers are played on…

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