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You’re gonna be ready to burn it as soon as you tape it
Created for the project The Dream Had Me
Curated by Joan Schuman

Audio Collage 5:00

“Recently I unearthed, and have begun to digitize, my collection of minidisc recordings. These sounds, encoded with my acid green Sony, onto small, square, plastic tablets, represent a period between 1999 and 2007. The process of reviewing and memorializing these sounds was like a waking dream as I listened across years and locations and toggled between banal events, important milestones and sounds that I could not place at all.

The minidisc dream presented here is an assemblage from the Sony MZ-R700 recordings. It is punctuated by voice identifications captured by film sound recordists in the field (courtesy of sound designer Alex Joseph). These IDs, a byproduct of the recording process that the audience never gets to hear, are rescued from the cutting room floor and now act as our dream guides as we cut from scene to scene.”


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