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Ground Floor Gallery + NARS
Brooklyn, NY

Warp and Weft / Warf + Wept was a live performance that responds to an installation by the artist Sandra Lapage. The performance featured live manipulation of various materials like glass, eggshells, chalk as well as various homemade instruments.  At the center of the work is the recorded voice of Lapage in english and Portuguese, who describes her process creating the pieces in the installation and her research, particularly the influence of the fibre artist Lenore Tawney and the writer Jorge Luis Borges.

The performance was staged twice: The first was a quadrophonic performance at Ground Floor Gallery in Park Slope Brooklyn,  and the second was an all-day headphone-based performance at NARS in Sunset Park Brooklyn. The NARS event also included two quadrophonic realizations of the work.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the performance audio:

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