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The Broadcast Room
Sequence of Waves

Saint Cecelia Convent

Brooklyn, New York
January 2011

The Broadcast Room was part of a massive sound art exhibition called “Sequence of Waves” at the Saint Cecelia Convent in Greenpoint Brooklyn. My aim with this project was to blur the distinction between curation and collaboration and so I chose to create an installation that explicitly draws from the work of a number of guest artists. I play both artist The Broadcast Room held sound-making objects by 15 different artists who followed a set of parameters in the creation of their contributions. The ever-changing results, captured by a rotating microphone, were broadcast via FM transmitter throughout the entire convent building.


EXHIBITION: Saturday, January 29th ONLY
HOURS: 2 pm – 9 pm
LOCATION: St. Cecelia’s Convent
21 Monitor Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
CONTACT: Rabid Hands
[email protected]

Rabid Hands is pleased to present Sequence of Waves, the collective’s inaugural sound, visual and multi-media art exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public for one day only, on Saturday, January 29th at St. Cecilia’s Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and will include scheduled performances. Formerly a convent and school, St. Cecilia’s Gallery is now a hub for rotating art exhibitions and film screenings, effectively bringing life back into the three-story building.

Recognizing the potential for discovery and experimentation in the St. Cecilia building, Rabid Hands has gathered over 40 artists to transform this space during their two-week residency. Given the narrow hallways and cordoned off rooms, the architecture of the building does not inherently lend itself to one large, continuous visual space, nor does it necessarily encourage group investigation. Instead of approaching the architecture as an obstacle, artists will use sound as the organizing and uniting principle. Embracing complete freedom, Rabid Hands encourages all participating artists to look beyond the confines of their personal forms and methods and merge their dialogue with the broader group. While individual works can be seen, what will emerge, more importantly, is the story of how these artists can influence the outcome of each other’s work by way of true collaboration.

Works to include: a robotically controlled symphony of recordings filling the convent’s chapel with sound; a gigantic zither that connects to a vertical mosaic, creating the glass of the mosaic to chime as the zither is played; a house that will host a musical performance; as well as many other collaborative projects.  Live performances are scheduled throughout the day.

Participating artists include:
Adriana Atema, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Alex Drewchin, Terence Caulkins, Skye Chamberlain, Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Ryan Chin, G. Lucas Crane, Jesse Cronan, Vanessa Cronan, Alex Drewchin, Jan Drojarski, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Jessica Findley, Paul Gallasch, Lillian Gerson, Kendall Glover, Jesse Gold, George Graham, Doktor Greg, James Haddrill, Gaylen Hamilton, Maya Hayuk, Travis Iurato, Elijah Kast, Victoria Keddie, Jesse Kreuzer, Taylor Kuffner, Roberto Lange, Lopi LaRoe, Steven Ma, Lili Maya, Zelijko McMullen, Steven Milton, Rob Minervini, Caleb Mitchell, Ben Mortimer, Kelly Nicholson, Ryan O’Connor, Brian Osborne, Mike O’Toole, Brandon Perry, Zach Poff, Nandan Rao, Allen Riley, John Roach, James Rouvelle, Amanda Salane, Andrew Schrock, Isabella Scott, Tod Seelie, Ben Simon, Phillip Stearns, Martyna Szcz, Heidi Tullmann, Volatile Blossom, Emily Willis, Ben Wolf, Nick Yulman, Tyler Zwiep.

Friday January 28th, 2011:

8:00pm Jessica Findley and Victoria Keddie

8:30pm Clouds

9:00pm Ben Wolf et al.

9:30pm Guardian Alien

Saturday January 29th, 2011:

2:00 – 5:00pm Clouds

5:00 – 7:00pm Dan Friel, Shooting Spires, G. Lucas Crane, GDFX, Fuck Ton,
Christopher R. Weingarten/Justin Bieber Duo, Brothers! House Show

7:00pm Jessica Findley and Victoria Keddie

7:30pm Parts & Labor curated House Show

8:00pm Ben Wolf et al.

8:30pm Guardian Alien
Sequence of Waves
Ceci Moss | Tuesday Feb 1st, 2011

Village Voice
Live: The Sequence Of Waves Exhibit Crams A Former Convent With 60 Artists,
Including Chris Weingarten In Duet With Justin Bieber
Rebecca Smeyne | Monday Jan. 31 2011

Sequence of Waves in Brooklyn Closes this Weekend
Friday January 28, 2011

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