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Songs of the Gowanus w. Sterling Basement
Performance for the Exhibition Postcards from the Gowanus
Cabinet Gallery, Brooklyn NY
March 19, 2010

Sterling Basement presents Songs of the Gowanus in homage to the Gowanus Canal. The ensemble includes John Roach, John Hudak, Dave Ruder, and Aaron Moore playing band-o-phones, home made thumb pianos, motorized autoharps, and a variety of other instruments. Songs of the Gowanus also features poems by Matthew Rohrer derived from archival texts related to the once thriving shipping hub. Join us as we dredge the canal.

About Sterling Basement

Sterling Basement was born in 2002 when the musician and artist Jason Glasser proposed to the artist John Roach, that some of his sound contraptions might be used in a live performance context. And so they began playing in a basement… on Sterling Street.

  • In 2008 Sterling Basment was reborn as John Roach, Shawn Onsgard, John Hudak & Matthew Rohrer to create the piece Songs of the Gowanus performed at issue Project Room.
  • In 2010 Sterling Basment became John Roach, Dave Ruder, John Hudak & Aaron Moore for a new version of Songs of the Gowanus performed at at Cabinet Gallery as part of the exhibition Postcards from the Gowanus.

See also the page on Sterling Basement which includes links to our online streaming albums.

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