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“Glass World” (excerpt)
from Glass World (EM Records)

Recorded in 1970. Many types, shapes and sizes of glass were used in performances of the Glass World. The glass used was not specially prepared or shaped. Rather, pieces of glass which are not normally seen were played, including the four sound sources heard in this excerpt: A large sheet of wired glass, small glass discs which are rubbed together, chunks of green glass cullet (like rocks) which are moving against one another, sheets of micro-glass shaken or popped. My intention was to present each sound as if it were a piece of music in itself. For me every sound has its own minute form – is composed of small flashing rhythms, shifting tones, has momentum, lives out its own structure, and since we are used to hearing sounds together, either juxtaposed, blended or compared, one sound alone seems simple – but so are the round scuffed stones lying about everywhere, until you crack one apart and all its intricate beauty takes you by surprise.

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