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Gloryhole Control
A wearable device strapped to a gaffer’s wrist, measures the changes of temperature and the repetitive arm motions resulting from the work in the hot shop.  The results are used to drive other objects or to generate sound.

Glass Platter
This glass “record” has etched grooves that are played by needles attached to a large glass horn. The rotation of the platter is controlled by other forces (for example – the Gloryhole Control)


Blow Your Own Horn
Pilchuck residents are asked to design their own horn. They play a score created from data collected in the hotshop.

Transmogrification Dome 1
These objects, arising from the classic scientific bell jar, are stages for capturing sound from experiments. They are equipped with heating elements and microphones that use the domed lid as a parabolic mic.


Transmogrification Dome 2

Vessels with the sound of their own making
Glass objects transmit vibration derived from data generated during their formation. Heat is transformed into sound and can only be experienced through touch.


Wind chimes derived from the wine jug chimes made by my grandfather in Mendocino California.

Pilchuck - bottles

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