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Residency: Triangle Artists’ Workshop
Held at Salem Art Works
Salem, NY

The Triangle Artists’ Workshop “is an intense two-week studio session for an international group of 30 professional visual artists. Neither an art colony nor a school, the workshop offers a unique occasion for artists to meet and exchange ideas, not simply through talking, but by making art side by side for a concentrated period in a self-contained location. During the workshop, artists receive organized studio visits from critics, writers and curators, and participate in two organized panel discussions.”

My aim at Triangle was to continue the exploration begun at Pilchuck, a line of inquiry that blended languages of art and science. My intention was to build on the experiments initially launched in the project Shrink Trap and to push the idea of material transformation further.

Radio Transmission

Another area of exploration at Triangle was using radio Transmission as an integral part of an installation. I installed a low power FM transmitter in the barn that acted as our collective studio and broadcast the sounds from within, folding in recordings captured from the space as well as the sounds of my various material experiments.

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