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WAH Transmissions
Book Art Part 2
Williamsburg Art and Historical Center
Brooklyn, NY

December 2010

For the WAH Book Art Show I created a site specific work derived from a piece I created in 1999 and then reworked 2005 called Transmissions from Beyond. In this piece a visitor is confronted with a video image of a ghostly book that turns its own pages. Upon further investigation within the gallery the source of the image is found: a sculpture containing a book and four fans that are timed to blow the pages back and forth with a camera dangling above it.

In “WAH Transmissions” I reimagined this piece by making sound a vital element. Shadows created by the turning pages are detected by a light sensor which, in turn, drives a motor that twiddles the knob of a shortwave radio. This sound accompanies a large projection of the image of the book, with the variations of radio tone accompanying the movement of the pages.

The book used in the installation is Audels Radiomans Guide from 1939.

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