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The BQEar
Media MIXED X4
The Art Lot
Brooklyn, NY
September 2010

The BQEar is an enormous trumpet-like horn perched atop the fence of the outdoor sculpture venue The Art Lot in Red Hook, Brooklyn as part of a group exhibition in September 2010.

The horn points southeast towards the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and patiently listens to the neighborhood. Of course the BQEar is only a colossal wood funnel snaking through the lot until someone decides to place his or her ear to the small end that pokes out from the metal fence. The BQEar is an invitation to passersby to listen to the neighborhood in a different way. The object (looking not unlike the delicately curving shape of an antique gramophone horn) draws in the sound of Red Hook through its body and, because of its acoustic properties, transforms it into a new and compact soundscape

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