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5th International Artist Book Exhibition
King Saint Stephen Museum
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
May 18th – October 27th, 2013

Silent, a project with the poet Matthew Rohrer will be exhibited at the 5th International Artist Book Exhibition at the The King St. Stephen Museum, in  Székesfehérvár Hungary. The exhibition which is a collaboration with the City Gallery Deák Collection.

Silent is a meditation on silence that incorporates lead, felt, video, sound and the poems of Matthew Rohrer.

The Book
Silent is meant to be handled by a viewer. To read the book is to engage with  qualities of the materials themselves: the relative weight of the lead and the paper, the texture of the surfaces, the way that the lead sheets create networks of marks on the paper cards.

The Video
Of course there is a perversity about naming a book Silent when it makes so much noise. This video is a meditation on the sound that is bound up in the objects that we make and their gradual disappearance into the object itself.

The Poems
Matthew Rohrer wrote ten poems on the theme of silence. He typed five of the poems on his typewriter and I pounded out the remaining five using letter punches onto sheets of lead.

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