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Radio mix of a work created during a residency at Zion National Park in Utah. The work was first broadcast during On Air – On Site: 48 Hours of Radio Art.

Duration: 15 min
The shape of Zion Canyon in Utah, USA, is always changing. The river continues to carve its path, and roads and trails are always threatened with closure due to rockfalls. This piece is about geological and human time and the relationships humans have to the land. Perspectives include the extremely long history of the Southern Paiute people in the region; the scientific technique of using sensitive equipment to measure the stress on landforms like natural bridges and converting that data to sound; the nearby community of Rockville impacted by seismic activity and rockfall, and the emotional relationship we have to nature.

The voices in Rockfall in order of appearance.

  • Daniel Bulletts – Kaibab tribe of Southern Paiutes
  • Shanandoah Martineau Anderson – Shivwits Band of Southern Paiutes
  • Jeffrey Moore – Associate Professor, Geology & Geophysics at The University of Utah
  • Greer Chesher – Author, former park ranger and resident of Rockville just outside of Zion Park

Rockfall was featured on:
2024 May – On Air – On Site: 48 Hours of Radio Art

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