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MELT by Doug Beube

Doug Beube has recently created a film with the filmmaker Greg Boas that presents his work titled Melt. I assisted Doug with the sound and provided the audio of the work that you can hear in the video. Here’s a description of Doug’s piece:

Melt, an environmentally sensitive two day installation involving a politically dynamic sextet of books selected and amended according to their content. Each book incised with text, such as the words JUST/ICE paired with Tom Maloney’s U.S. Camera ’62, ICE/CAP with The National Geographic Society’s As We Live We Breath, and corresponding to Alfred Knoff’s Arsenals of Foley are inscribed the words RED/ACT. The frozen books are housed in a steel frame alongside an audio component registered to make live a global and personal transformation and meltdown. The ice run-off is then bottled and branded sm/ART Water. This new installation animates Beube’s dialogue of socio-political conditions, cultures of violence both physical and psychological, and those structures existing to support the inverse of the latter. 

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