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Yuri Suzuki is among the 2016 Swarovski Designers of the Future Award commissions, unveiled at Design Miami/Basel 2016. Suzuki’s sculpture for the commission, titled Sharevari, is also interactive. It is a mechanical crystallophone, which means it produces sound through the vibration of crystals.

It consists of 16 brass podiums arranged in a semi-circle. Each holds a crystal of a different size, ranging from 95 to 250 millimetres in diameter, which determines the note that is produced when the crystal is struck by brass hammers.

As well as playing Suzuki’s own programmed compositions, Sharevari can be “conducted” by audience members by way of a network of sensors.

Suzuki is known for his interactive sound works, which have previously included White Noise Machines that transform and distort people’s voices and robots that turn coloured scribbles into music.

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