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The Bandofly follows in the footsteps of the Bandophone – its sound is generated by the vibration of rubber bands, but in this case they are excited not by the spinning shaft of a motor, but by wind.

The instrument was created initially when I was given a toy called a bee buzzer as a gift and I wondered if I could make an amplified version. This led to a number of experiments and iterations of the device, and like the Bandophone it rarely sounds the same way twice.

Versions of the Bandofly have been created for specific performances and exhibitions including:

  • Sterling Basement Live at Tonic 04/10/2002
  • Bartók bogarai – Bartók’s Bugs –  2B Gallery, Budapest Hungary 12/2006
  • Live Stage: Issue Project Room & WFMU – Curated by Tony Coulter  09/13/2008
  • Postcards from the Gowanus – Cabinet Gallery 03/19/2010

Bandofly Images

Psaltoda Plaga

Psaltoda Plaga

Psaltoda Plaga

issue project room 08

Sterling Basement @ Issue Project Room

Gowanus Bandofly

Sterling Basement @ Tonic

Psaltoda Plaga

Psaltoda Plaga

The Bandofly follows the tradition of other flung or whirled instruments, most notably the Bull Roarer, an instrument used in cultures around the world.

And in the context of art and performance, to the piece Whirled Music by Max Eastly working with the improvisong musicians David Toop, Paul Burwell and Steve Beresford. You can see footage of this performance in the documentary on Max Eastley Clocks of the Midnight Hours.

Screenshot 2014-07-14 22.11.38


Bandofly Playlist

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