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The Airborne Library

Performers and makers wanted!

This is an invitation to participate in the The Airborne Library, a project for the Uncommon Art residency at the Teton Artlab in Jackson Wyoming in April 2022.

What am I looking for?

I seek 6 or more volunteers to:
(A) create horns and
(B) take part in an event using the horns.
You can make a horn for yourself or for someone else to use in a live event!

What’s it about?

The project explores the idea that sounds, once created, continue
to travel around the globe for eternity – but I’ll share more about that later! 

What do do now?

The first step is to create a horn that can be used in an event in April. Once I arrive, your horn will be fitted with a special 3D-printed noisemaker that uses air, vibration and a rubber membrane to generate sound.  I will provide this to you along with a kit of printed materials, instructions and supplies!

Horn Guidelines

The only limitation for the horn is the size of the hole that the 3D-printed noisemaker will fit into.
It should be a 1/2” opening. The size and shape of the horn is up to you. It can be made of ceramic, metal, wood, plastic, etc – you choose! See the image below for some details.


You can contact me at roachj(at)newschool(dot)edu

Who am I?

You can find out more here:

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