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9 Evenings Seattle

I am proud to report that I will have a project included in the 9e2 festival in Seattle Washington in October.  My project, entitled Gene Splicing will close the event.

Here’s a description of the performance:
Artist John Roach is working with a DNA researcher and the percussionists John Lane and Stuart McLeod to create the following project: DNA maps are taken from the performers and with the participation of the DNA researcher and a glass artist, the patterns from those DNA reports inform the creation of glass sculptures that are then played and ultimately destroyed by the percussionists.

About 9 Evenings
The year 1966 saw a legendary and pivotal event in the history of technology-driven art. Called “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering,” the project brought together 10 artists and 30 scientists and engineers from Bell Telephone Laboratories.

Flash forward half a century to 2016 and the fiftieth anniversary of this key event. We will commemorate this anniversary with a festival of art and technology to be held in Seattle in the fall of 2016. The 9E2 festival will team artists with scientists and engineers in a spirit of experimentation. By examining contemporary themes that are poised to change the way we experience life on this planet, the collaborations will shine a spotlight on the next 50 years. The festival will run for multiple evenings, and will include performances, installations, exhibits, and discussions.

more on the 9e2 website

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